Englands Quest for the World Cup 1950-2006 - A Complete Record (Desert Island Football Histories)

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Since the late s, an International Student Advisor has been a permanent position, frequently assisted by student interns who have been supported financially by the StFX Students' Union.

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As well, a "Welcome Week" has become an effective means to orient overseas students to the campus and local services. The university now requires a certified level of English language proficiency for students without an English language education and it also provides some language support through its Writing Centre LEAP Program Learning English for Academic Purposes. A series of short international student profiles in the Xaverian during the academic year highlighted the richness of the overseas student presence at StFX.

Since the end of World War II, Canada has witnessed rising numbers of international students on its university campuses.

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  5. They have enriched campus life, broadened the educational experiences of Canadian students, helped to internationalize the universities, and contributed to institutional revenues and the economy. As with post-war immigrants, the successful integration of these students into their universities has been difficult and challenging.

    Englands Worst Ever Football Team

    It is fundamental to the nature of their experiences at their host universities as an often vulnerable and relatively powerless minority. This exploratory case study has highlighted some of these hurdles and shows how one university in Atlantic Canada and its internationals - American students, Coady participants, and overseas internationals - have tried to address them. The challenges to integration derive from a complex series of factors: students' national and linguistic backgrounds, their individual personalities, the policies and practices of their host institutions, their programs of study, their length of stay, the social context, federal and provincial government policies, and even international political developments.

    Generally, those internationals, such as the American students, who shared with Canadians the English language and an industrial, liberal- democratic, capitalist heritage, integrated most readily. Those overseas international students, such as the Coady participants who studied as a group of professionals in shorter programs specially designed for them, developed group cohesion quite easily but integrated only marginally with the wider university community.

    The undergraduate overseas international students of increasingly diverse national and cultural origins have faced the most difficult barriers to successfully integration. The major players - federal and provincial governments, university administrations, faculty and support staff, and Canadian students and their unions - have often appeared slow to recognize the vulnerability and special needs of this group. In the present context of rapid globalization, even more international students will be arriving on Canadian university campuses. Historical investigations of foreign student integration at other Canadian universities can test and supplement the findings of this case study.

    The findings, if used to improve policy and practice, might well promote a more successful internationalization, now a central aim of almost all Canadian institutions and associations of higher education. I am grateful to the St. Francis Xavier University Council for Research for the financial support that made this project possible, to Dr.