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She started traveling solo after struggling to find travel companions up for an international trip. It really bummed me out. But after moping for a week or two, I decided that I could travel by myself solo! All while capturing her adventures with self portraits. I have never felt comfortable on the other side because I am my own worst critic.

I have maybe a handful of images that show me actually on the trip. That was so disheartening.

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So what changed her mindset and made her more willing and eager to capture her journey with photographic souvenirs? It acts as an online forum and meeting place for like minded souls across the globe to share their travel experiences, especially though experiences that can be unique to plus size travel.

As a plus size girl! Sami is am a firm believer that there is no place and not much that can hold her back in her travel endeavors as a plus size girl, her biggest nugget of advice? Nervous about tiny airline seats, you can look into if your airline holds a People of Size policy. To create mementos for her future, to show her family and friends. Too often we hide ourselves from photographs in an attempt to hide our bodies, but we are valid and valuable and deserving of experiences and memories, just like anyone else.

So I asked if she could give us some tips on how to take our own beautiful portraits to treasure for our future! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Instagram Join The Magic! May 10, Fat Girl Traveling Solo affiliate links my be utilized on this post, which means if you click through and complete a purchase, I may receive compensation for my recommendations, but never at an additional cost to you!

This is coming from the photographer in me but if you want those dreamy sky photos like most influencers, they are around sunrise or sunset. I definitely know this struggle. I definitely studied fashion design in college in part to learn how to make clothes that would actually fit me and tailor my own clothes to fit as well. I was the only one in our class who consistently created patterns and designs for fat women and cast plus-sized fit models! Omg I love this! I, myself, am what people refer to as skinny-fat. I have skinny arms and a small upper part of the body , but I have a belly and love handles my dear donut , big butt and thighs.

Even I struggle with clothes.

25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

And my poor boyfriend who IS fat struggles with most of the things you mentioned. Omg, I broke a bench in a hostel in Costa Rica last week. Come on, now. A tip for places that use plastic chairs, especially the little stool ones they use in a lot of street food places in Asia, pile two on top of one another for added strength. This is useful even with normal plastic chairs in Asia because they seem to be more flimsy than the ones we have in Australia.

So many of these things hit home. I live in Paris and am American thin, but French fat. I laughed so hard about your 8…Alice in Wonderland, indeed. Try shopping at French stores. Ummm…I have arms and legs, not sticks posing as arms and legs. Not American fat, but certainly bigger. Keep on eating, Frenchies. I loved reading this post! As a fat girl who loves to travel I totally feel your pain! I have wanted to scuba dive for so long but dread trying to squeeze into that wetsuit!

I have a new one too! Theme park rides!!! I wanted to die! I alway opt for mens clothes too! Thank you for sharing!

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Made me smile! Number 14 definitely applies to the majority of the human race I think!! I love this! It only really means whatever you decide to attach to it. I can relate to this so much! Having just come back from traveling SEA. This is sooooo relateable and provided a good laugh! Own the curves, get stuck into every activity and bodyglide is a saviour!!!! Hahaa… I enjoyed quite a chuckle reading this and could related to a few of your points! Having said that, I admit that being curvy myself, sometimes I have felt so uncomfortable wearing my swimsuit in public that Ii gave up the idea altogether.

Silly thing to do, I know. I learnt from my experiences and realised that no one really deserves the license to judge you!! Step 1: put a swimsuit on your body. Haha love this! Aw, I packed on a tonne of weight when I was living as an expat and chub rub is my mortal enemy. Oh girl I know this life. I have little spandex shorts I wear under all of my skirts and dresses. This was really eye opening and hilarious. I love your voice when you write! My husband is constantly after me to throw out perfectly good pants ruined by chub rub but I refuse! Love this post especially all the awesome instagram photos peppering through it.

Chub rub is the bane of my life, followed closely by the one size fits all malarkey! Thank you!

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These are all very interesting points I have never considered. Interesting post! I stupidly packed one pair of jeans and one pair of tights. What was I thinking?!

25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

Spent a few hours ironing a patch on them to get me through another 2 weeks. I will always remember that time when I was with some people and they all suggested to go the next day to a pond. I just stared at her and told her, I am sorry but, why should I have any type of problem about being in a bikini? I think that that day I realized that people that make this type of comments are just people that lack in self confidence.

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  • They think they are great because of how they look and if they ever lose their figure they would crumble and never leave home. To all of you, yes, I know I have some extra kg on me, but I am healthy ans I have a fuller life than many of you. I love food and I love life. Can you say the same? I definitely think that a lot of fat hate is just insecurity and low self esteem.

    Heart Attack Grill With Hungry Fat Chick • MUKBANG

    But it just bounces right back off. What a great post! Also, that people voluntary recommend places to eat without you asking! Thanks for such an honest post and giving me a real giggle. Seriously, this post is everything. I love that you own and love your body. Traveling and seeing how strange and diverse body image issues were around the world really helped me realize that everyone else and they opinions can go jump.

    These struggles are all so real but there is nothing sadder than letting your own insecurities get in the way.