Afghanistan: Transition under Threat (Studies in International Governance)

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This involvement has grown over time, despite the fact that since its inception in and as a product of the brutality and chaos of the s civil war, the Taliban defined its purpose as improving governance in Afghanistan and acting against the rampant criminality that swept the country. During the administration of President George W. Yet the chosen counternarcotics policies failed to accomplish their stated goal of bankrupting the Taliban and turned out highly counterproductive.

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Instead, the anti-crime efforts should have focused on the predatory criminality and non-labor intensive aspects of transactional crimes, such as drug smuggling. The Obama administration at least de-funded eradication, but its efforts against predatory crime ultimately proved unsatisfactory. It de-emphasized state-building and imposed restrictive deadlines on U.

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Washington and the international community did attempt several anti-organized-crime and anti-corruption initiatives. The creation of the National Unity Government after the highly contested and fraudulent presidential election represented a third possible inflection point to meaningfully tackle criminality that delegitimizes the post political dispensation.

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Despite the animosity between Ghani and Abdullah—and the impassioned constituencies behind them—there was optimism in Afghanistan and among its international partners that governance would improve after the Karzai years. After all, improving governance and reducing corruption was the one on which Ghani and Abdullah ostensibly agreed. But so far, the NUG has failed to deliver robustly on these promises. Ghani and Abdullah were deeply beholden to corrupt elites without whose support they could not run in the elections, and on whose support they have continued to depend in power.

Thus, two and half years after the formation of the NUG, not even one notorious powerbroker has been legally prosecuted or marginalized. The anti-crime and anti-corruption measures that have been undertaken have hardly been robust enough. The tangle of ethnic divisions and rifts and competing patronage networks that for years have run through the Afghan security forces complicate any anti-corruption efforts.

Perhaps the most significant anti-corruption and anti-crime accomplishment has been in tax and custom revenue recovery. Back in , theft of revenues far exceeded that which characterized the Hamid Karzai era, debilitating the Afghan government. But the following year, the government delivered a spectacular turnaround in revenue generation: from an eight percent drop in to a 22 percent rise in When international troops handed over security to the Afghans in , there was a significant deterioration in security.

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