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Article 1 of the United States constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to initiate impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try impeachments of the president. The formal process starts with the House of Representatives passing articles of impeachment.

A simple majority of members need to vote in favour of impeachment for it to pass to the next stage.

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Democrats currently control the house, with representatives. The chief justice of the US supreme court then presides over the proceedings in the Senate, where the president is tried, with senators acting as the jury. For the president to be found guilty two-thirds of senators must vote to convict. Republicans currently control the Senate, with 53 of the senators. Two presidents have previously been impeached, Bill Clinton in , and Andrew Johnson in , though neither was removed from office as a result.

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Richard Nixon resigned in before there was a formal vote to impeach him. Critics of all political stripes have long feared that the move could open the way for a Turkish strike on Kurdish-led fighters in the area. Kurdish groups have fought alongside a small US presence in Syria to drive Islamic State militants from the region.

We have to do it. The response from Republicans has been one of the most vocal challenges to Trump in his nearly three years in office. Some like Graham and Cheney called out the president by name, and others cast his decision-making in stark and dire terms.

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They had people dying. Marco Rubio R-Fla. Susan Collins R-Maine said. Trump has defended his actions as a much-needed withdrawal from the Middle East.

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  4. Despite the cascade of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, Trump has gained plaudits from libertarian-leaning allies, such as Sen. Rand Paul and Rep.

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    Thomas Massie, both Republicans from Kentucky. He is stopping the endless wars and we will be stronger as a result.

    Trump called U. Stephen Wertheim, a historian at Columbia who has called in The Times for the United States to end its pursuit of global military dominance , noted that the conditions of Mr. I have long believed the U. It is likely to result in more suffering and instability.

    If Kurds in Syria have to defend themselves against the Turks, they are likely to shift their forces from the fight against ISIS, including the guarding of about 10, ISIS prisoners now in Kurdish detention centers ….

    Milestones: 1937–1945

    What ally could look at the United States now and see a stalwart partner — and what foe could look at it and fear a determined adversary? Graham, for one, has threatened legislation to impose sanctions on Turkey if it invades. On that front, however, Mr. Trump has his own plans.

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    Email us to tell us what you think so we can make it even better for you. On the ground in Syria , Anne Speckhard reports that Kurdish military leaders have been preparing for Mr. Jon Schwarz writes that the United States has now betrayed the Kurds at least eight times over the past years.