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The sticking point for me was that she was made Queen by statute not by marriage to the King. I will let the rest of you make your own decisions. Thank you so much for doing a audio on her final moments. You should DEFO do a audio book!!! I could picture it and her final moments in this world. Thank you Claire for bringing the Tudor dinisty back to life. According to your opinion, is it true? Because I think that by these references to the king, Anne simply wanted to express her undiminished affection to him, despite the fact that he had the responsibility of her execution.

This moved me to tears. Thank you for reading it….

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This, and all of the comments, should be a reminder about how important it is not to forget history…as, here, we have the 1st black president in the US, and just years after slavery…yet, instead of relishing in the moment…in the moment of seeing humanity perhaps move forward a bit…. I will hope to sit down with her in the next life and speak a bit.

There are lots of articles on Anne Boleyn and Tudor history there. Claire,Such a touching read,it has brought tears to my eyes,perhapes always will,Most beloved by many,aswell as hated by many. Peace Love and Joy be withand yours. Happy Holidays Barones Von Reis. Wonderful reproduction of this heartbreaking event.

The depiction of the event along with my adoration of Natalie Dormer has often made me wonder if I could have stood there and watched her die. The Fourth Musketeer in me sees me putting a flaming arrow into the sword hand of the executioner as he begins his swing, and then pushing through the crowd to take Anne by the hand and lead her off to a new life of exile, outlaw, and adventure with me.

Later I fret about what one good heavy machine gun could have done to persuade Henry and his guards to forget all about their plans that day. Only memorable and very special people can do that. Thank you, Rhynn, for your kind comment.

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I know exactly what you mean about wanting to save her, it must have been awful for those who knew and loved her to watch her die like that. The bell tower showed me such sight That in my head sticks day and night. There did I learn out of a grate, For all favour, glory, or might, That yet circa Regna tonat.

By proof, I say, there did I learn: Wit helpeth not defence too yerne, Of innocency to plead or prate. Bear low, therefore, give God the stern, For sure, circa Regna tonat. Name required.

Anne Boleyn

Mail will not be published required. Follow me! It was the 19th May and a Queen of England had been executed. Sandra Horn says:. May 19, at am. Claire says:. May 19, at pm. Karen says:. NanBoleyn says:. Gellygret says:.

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NGB48 says:. Mickey says:. Janet says:. Deborah Braden says:.

Bridgett says:. Darren Wilkins says:. May 20, at am. Dawn 1st says:. Trisha says:. May 21, at pm. Ashley says:. May 22, at pm. Suddenly the Executioner brandished his sword with a gesture that astonished the crowd, since no one had noticed the weapon so far, almost giving the impression that it had magically materialised in his hands at that moment.

In reality the executioner had hidden the sword between the straw scattered at the foot of the log and his gesture could be explained with the intention of catching the condemned by surprise, and avoiding her prolonging the anxiety of waiting, as well as any sudden movements.

In that exact moment the executioner lowered the sword and cut her head. School History is a growing library of premium quality history worksheets, teaching resources and online history courses for use in the classroom. We pride ourselves on being a safe website for both teachers and students. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Although Henry was courting her, she did not give into his advances, and obliged the king to divorce from Catherine. Anne was not able to provide Henry with any male heirs. However, she gave birth to Elizabeth I.

Anne was executed on the charges of high treason in Biography It is not exactly known when Anne Boleyn was born. Anna spent the last days of her life locked up in the Tower of London. Bibliography [1. Image sources: [1. Footer About Us School History is a growing library of premium quality history worksheets, teaching resources and online history courses for use in the classroom. Search Our Resources: Search resources by keyword Then he raised me to be a queen.

Now he will raise me to be a martyr. Below are tragic facts about the iconic queen and her violent end. Anne and her siblings were given all the luxuries of their station, and grew up comfortably in the quaint Hever Castle in Kent. Boleyn was slim and dark, with long black hair and brown eyes. Men thought she was utterly captivating—but not just for her looks alone. Her friends and confidantes knew her as a lively, quick-witted, and charming girl who loved a game of cards and was often the smartest person in the room , even if no one else knew it.

Boleyn also had a dark side. Beneath her jovial attitude, she was moody, sharp-tongued, and extremely quick to anger. Her early ancestors were actually hard-working though successful peasants, and even her great-grandfather was a humble hatter. Still, he was well-respected and smart with his money, growing his wealth and establishing the Boleyns as the family to beat. However, at a best guess, they believe she was born some time between and She also may have been the middle child : her sister Mary was certainly older, and her brother George was possibly younger.

Not everyone agreed that Anne Boleyn was a hottie. Even as a young girl, Anne made a bewitching impression. While travelling in the Netherlands with her father, she caught the eye of the powerful and wealthy Princess Margaret of Austria. When she emerged, she was no longer a girl but a full-blown woman.

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Boleyn was famous for her dancing. Once Boleyn was properly introduced to society, her father called her home and tried to push her into a marriage with a distant, much older cousin so they could settle a family dispute. When she made her debut at court, Boleyn vibrated with magnetic new girl energy. She shone in an elaborate choreographed dance with the other ladies of the court, looking resplendent in a white gown with exquisite gold embroidery. The young, inexperienced girl quickly fell head over heels for him, and they were secretly betrothed.

Tragically, it was doomed to a heartbreaking end. You see, King Henry VIII also had his eye on the Boleyn girl, and many historians argue that he put the kibosh on their relationship, ordering his cardinal Thomas Wolsey to forbid their marriage and sever their engagement. He had unhappily married another woman in , but then quickly divorced her five years later and started trying to rebound with Anne instead.