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Franz Anton Bustelli. Mario Giacomelli. You should enjoy this story and all the others. Merry Christmas! I used Scrooge story in my classroom, of 1st and 2nd grade students, to teach past, present and future tenses. Kids loved it! I really loved the expression in the voice of Scrooge! It was great though I got lost a little bit on some parts like the visions. I liked the story.

I really liked the sound of the people talking and the end. It was a very happy ending. Thank you for giving us all this present!!! They are wonderful choices and you have made them magical! That was a cool story, I had to listen to it for my school and I liked it. Thank you very much for this beautiful story. I liked when they sang the Christmas Carol song.

I liked when Scrooge became a nicer person and liked Christmas. I liked the part in the middle when Scrooge found out there are 3 spirrits coming to attact him. It was very complycatad when the third part came. That story was nicollotsofnicebrllianterfreindlytasticlovlargekindofstor.

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I like the song and I like Scrooge. I like the ghost voice and I like the bit when he sees the ghost. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because at the end it was great and Scrooge was nice. The song at the begining was great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked A Christmas Carol because Scrooge becomes a better man in the end and I liked the funny song at the beginning. I did not like the ghosts because they were scary. It was exciting when Scrooge got to meet his sister in Christmas past.

I felt sad for Tiny TIm but happy that in the end he was helped and so did not die. He becomes a logical person of understanding! Please write back! Limin — December 28, Kayla we love this story.

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It is very, very amazing! We hear this story from this web site but we read it again and to comment you for having a great story! Kendra loved it soooo much! It is cooooooool!!!!!!!!!! I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope that you can find a story like this to share for us kids and adults! Kendra O. Big Sister.

At the ending Scrouge was very nice and happy like when he was little. When my little sister was off sick this was perfect as my dad was working these were perfect, they are great stories that she can choose herslef and an easy website to work.

I love this story so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have charter school. In drama class we had a x-mas carol. I was tiny tim!!!!!!

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Dear Natasha, first of all, except my appreciation for having such an incredible and precise voice. I am teaching english to learner from non-english medium background. Babul,India — February 18, Thank you for your comment. The Christmas Carol is a tale with a strong moral by Charles dickens When scrooge hears voice of christmas past and re calls how he once was younger and happier when he was not so miserly with his money.

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