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He freed you from the basic principles of this world. So, you should not act as if you still belong to the world. Do not taste that. Do not touch that thing. But these things go as soon as we use them. Only people make these rules. But they are part of a religion that people have made. People pretend to be humble. They punish their bodies.


Paul did not mean that all rules are bad. He referred to the rules that the false teachers made. These rules may control what people do. Rules deal with outer behaviour. So, concentrate on what is in heaven. Christ is there. He is sitting next to God in the place that has honour. They are in heaven. Do not think about the things that are on this earth.

God has hidden your real life with Christ in God. When Christ returns, you will appear with him. Now he explained how they should live this new life. For the Christians, Christ himself is their new life verse 4. So, Christ should be in the centre of their lives. They should concentrate on him.

Christ rules the world with God. So, Christians should discover what pleases Christ. It also refers to things like money, clothes and houses. Often people want power or honour. They want these things to please themselves.

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But Christians have died to their old life. They should not please themselves any more.

Where are we?

They should desire Christ more than they desire anything or anyone else on earth. Some teachers do not understand this verse. They say that the world and our lives are evil.

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They say that Christians must not enjoy physical things. But remember that God created all physical things. So, God wants Christians to enjoy all that he made Genesis ; 1 Timothy Christ came so that everyone could have a full life John However, Christians should concentrate on Christ. They should not concentrate on this world. Jesus taught about this in Matthew Verses This world and our physical lives are temporary. They will end when Christ returns. When a person receives new life from Christ, nobody can see this new life. Nobody can explain it. It is not a physical thing.

It belongs to God. So, Christians should now pursue the things that are above. Give up these things: wrong sex; anything that is not pure; lust desire for wrong sex and evil desires. And do not be greedy. This is like loving a false god. You used to live an evil life.

Do not say anything to damage anyone. Do not say bad things about people. Do not speak nasty words. There is no difference between people from various societies. There is no difference between slaves and free people. Christ is the most important person. And Christ is in all Christians. Christians do not become perfect immediately. But evil desires still tempt them James Christians can now refuse to obey those evil desires Romans 6. God created sex for a man and his own wife.

All other sex is wrong sex. Lust is the desire for wrong sex. Greedy people want to satisfy their own desires. People can be greedy for food. They can be greedy for money or even for honour.

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They pursue their own pleasure rather than pursue Christ. A false god is anything that people love more than they love Christ. Christians must stop all this wrong behaviour. And they must control their evil desires. Then those desires will not control them. And Christ will help to change their desires verse In verse 5, Paul reminded the Colossians about the things that belonged to their past life. Verse Christians are responsible for the way that they behave towards other people.

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  • Christians must not behave how they used to behave. Paul referred to many bad things in these verses. These bad things ruin friendships and families. People are afraid of a person who gets very angry. Angry people shout and say bad things. Angry people may hit other people and hurt them. People cannot trust someone who lies. Sometimes a person lies to other people and says bad things in a quiet way. So, Christians should always speak the truth. This is picture language.

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    It describes how someone takes off his old, dirty clothes. Then he puts on new, clean clothes. Christians learn about Christ from the Bible. We can read what Christ taught. We can learn how he behaved. Teachers of the Bible help us to learn more about Christ. As people love Christ more, they want to be more like him.

    They want to obey him and to please him. Also, the Holy Spirit lives in Christians Romans The Holy Spirit helps Christians to control themselves Galatians Verse 11 People who live in every part of the world become Christians. People in a different society have a different way of life. In the original text, Paul named two particular societies. Slaves and free people represent different groups in society. None of these differences matters to God. In this world, some people think that they are more important than other people are. But everyone is equal as a Christian.

    Christ died to save each person. And each Christian has Christ in him or her.

    J. Vernon McGee Commentary on Colossians 1:24

    So, Christians must behave in the right way with other Christians.