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Oder vielleicht doch nicht? Es "kostet" eine oder zwei Minuten Zeit "nur". Seller Inventory X. Aber dann lernt Anna sein Geheimnis kennen. When my father died, I was responsible for everything. I had to make decisions like which graveyard to choose, where to bury and what kind of funeral to give him. I was also responsible for all the family invitations. Most of the things that the funeral undertaker in this project told us about are deeply familiar to me because I have experience in organizing them. Besides this familiarity, I was very curious to learn more about the difference between these practices in Japan and Germany.

Christianity, Buddhism, or Shinto — but it turned out there are no big differences.

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What do you feel when remembering these losses? These experiences definitely made me stronger — especially when it comes to decision-making. It took me quite a while until I could tidy up everything that my parents left behind. But now that it is done I have a clear mind and head. There are no rules for how long a process like this should take. It felt almost like I waited until I heard the right click.

Does that mean that you need certain conditions, like the right environment and enough space and time, to follow your own rhythm of transition? Yes, absolutely. But not having these conditions could also help you with a quicker transition, which is also not bad. Everybody has a different background and rhythm. This was just my case.

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This project is also about rituals. Are there any rituals in your life connected to your community, family, or religion, which were or still are important in our life?

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My family belongs to the Shinto and Buddhism religions like most Japanese. I brought flowers, incense sticks, and water as symbols for the elements. But it has changed a bit now. I still like to go as a traditional activity, but my own ritual has become more important. I sometimes need to meditate in silence. The first week of this project was very intense, you received a lot of input from different people in a variety of professions.

What impressed you most? The very first day impressed me deeply. All of us held a silent conversation for an hour. We simply looked at each other, just using our eyes. No words. That was in fact incredible. For most of the participating artists, it was the first time they met, but after this silent conversation we had already become close and formed a strong bond.

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It felt like we had already known each other for a very long time. On the next day, we spend time with people working in a hospice. They explained that what they do professionally is taking care of people who will die soon. They help them to relax in a nice way and have a peaceful end of life. In my everyday life I do not often think about my own death.

Through this project I have started asking myself some questions about life and death. I have been wondering how I want to live and also how I want to end my life. For a while now, I have had the idea of building a community of friends who live together and take care of each other. But when I listened to the people from the hospice it became clear to me that it is also necessary to talk about the last part of life before death — the process of dying — and to do so early enough to have the opportunity to handle it and make this process easier for those who remain behind.

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So, to talk openly about death — mine or yours — is something that I would like to do with friends after completing this project. Is the idea of creating a community connected to searching for new forms of collectivity or family? I like to be close to people who are open-minded and who take care of each other, who have similar thoughts and understand and respect each other.

It would be great if we could create a space where we can express our passions and activities, where we can hold workshops for sound or poetry, dance or cooking sessions.

That would be amazing. You all prepare a ritual at the moment — which artistic means do you use to create your ritual? Also, my father was a big vinyl collector of jazz music. So the sound of vinyl, especially its texture, noise, warmth, and smell, are very familiar to me. All the vinyl records that I use in this project are my own. Some were given to me by friends, others contain special memories.

I will demonstrate the transition of an emotional state in the space.

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Does this ritual follow a specific dramaturgy? I apply things that I have learned in this project. These two elements form the base of my score, which I finally extended. There are basically four parts to each transition, which are related to the four elements: fire, earth, water, and air. Sound is also important in this piece. Sound is invisible, but the effects are as strong as something visible. I believe that there are invisible forces coming from nature or sound.

They treat us well. The same happens in reverse when we pray for nature, or pray for someone. That sounds like a liberation from the material and from materiality. To me, the process of transition always appears connected to the idea of liberation, which can also be frightening, because it means that you lose something. My body and my mind have limited space to hold them. I rather sort them out from time to time to make space for things yet to come.


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Did you also experience this liberation in your body? I had stomach pains for years. But now that everything is done, the pain has magically disappeared. Was interessiert dich an dem Projekt? Mich reizt, dass die Recherche im Vordergrund steht. Das ist ein bisschen tricky. Es sind auch eher kleine Sachen, zum Beispiel habe ich mich mit der Zeit von gewissen Selbstbildern verabschiedet. Dort leben heute noch Nachfahren deutsch-neuguineischer Eltern, die sich als Deutsche bezeichnen, deutsch sprechen und dort deutsches Liedgut pflegen. Was interessiert dich an diesen alten Volksliedern?

Gleichzeitig ist das deutsche Volksliedgut ja extrem kontaminiert durch den Nationalsozialismus.