Final Slices: A Memoir-in-progress

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Realism tends to be the focus of most slice-of-life stories. Use your narrative to examine those small, ordinary, yet often powerful moments of daily life.

Prince Memoir The Beautiful Ones Coming in October

Focus on character. Focus on environment.

Great slice-of-life pieces offer insight into the small, common moments that might go unnoticed in bigger stories. Keep it short. A slice-of-life piece that goes on too long can begin to feel like a prosaic short story that lacks focus and form.

Please share your favorites. Slice of Life to me means exposing human nature through one or two characters interacting with everyday events.

How to Write a Good Memoir

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How to Write a Memoir: 6 Creative Ways to Tell a Powerful Story

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LinkedIn 0. He always had a sketchbook in his pocket. That whole thing stuck with me through all these years, and I thought it might be an interesting idea to incorporate into a story. I laid it out for Joe Fielder and David Chen, our writers, who then ran with it and added a lot of their own insight.

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You start the game in an empty house full of moving boxes, without much to see or do, with the vaguest of possible instructions regarding how to progress. Eventually, you find a simple puzzle, which when solved, allows you to move on. After the first couple of areas, however, Zed steadily pulled me in. By turns, Zed can be funny, sad, genuinely creepy, nostalgic, or surreal. Leaving it a bit ambiguous allows people to personally fill in the blanks, which I think helps connect you to the story a little bit more.

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