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Two cones will be placed about 10 yards behind the two that mark the goal lines to mark of the goal area. Two more cones will be placed at midfield. If there is no paint to draw sidelines, officials' judgment will determine whether play goes out of bounds. Games will be two 30 minute halves. Halftime will be 10 minutes. In the case of a tie after 60 minutes, a 10 minute overtime period will be played.

If a tie still stands after the overtime period, additional 10 minute overtimes will be played until the tie is broken. Official SVC Intramural game play will be suspended after five overtime periods, unless decided so earlier by participants. Pre Game A. A coin flip will decide which team gets possession first. The team that did not win the coin flip will decide which side of the field they would like to defend. The team that lost the coin flip will line up at mid-field, ready to throw to the other team. The Frisbee can be tossed or thrown in any manner to advance.

Health and Safety

The Frisbee cannot be kicked in any manner. Doing so will result in possession to the other team. The Frisbee cannot hit the ground at all. Even a catch low to the ground that the official deems touched the grass does not count as a legal catch. The Frisbee touching the ground will result in possession to the team that did not make the throw.

The defending team can bat the Frisbee down to the ground and would then control possession. Offensive players without the Frisbee can run anywhere on the playing field. Offensive players without the Frisbee cannot block for others or touch or bump defensive players.

Ultimate Frisbee

Doing so will result in loss of possession. The offensive player with the Frisbee is only allowed to take a throwing step. Taking too many steps will result in loss of possession. An offensive player catching the Frisbee while running can take up to three stopping steps. Taking more than three will result in loss of possession.

Sports Facilities and Equipment

Offensive players catching the Frisbee cannot take exaggerated steps after the catch. If the official deems the catching player could have stopped before the steps, possession will be lost. Defensive players can run anywhere on the playing field.

Defensive players must stay one yard from offensive players with the Frisbee. Failure to do so will result in a ten yard penalty to be walked off by the official. Defensive players can be closer than one yard to offensive players without the Frisbee, but once a catch is made, the defensive player must retreat at least one yard. Defensive players are allowed to catch the Frisbee, immediately giving them possession.

Defensive players can also knock down or deflect a pass to prevent an offensive catch. Doing so will result in change of possession. If a defensive player tries to intercept a pass and does not make a clean catch, possession will still change to the team that was on defense.

Substitutions can be made when the team has possession. Teams must hold the Frisbee for the duration of the substitution. Moving or throwing while a substitution is being made will result in loss of possession at the spot where the player was when the substitution started. The substitution will still be allowed to carry out.

Teams may substitute as many players as they desire at any time, except for the player holding the Frisbee. Players going off the field may leave at any point on the field. Players going on the field must enter at midfield and may not do so until the player they are substituting is off.

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Scoring A. A team scores by making a clean throw and catch to someone standing in the goal area. The player making the catch must have both feet in the goal area and hold onto the Frisbee for one whole second. Guy Wicks Field. North Kibbie Field. Shattuck Amphitheater. Facility Reservations. Fitness Class Descriptions. Fitness Passes.

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