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Heavenly visions of hell: Alan Moore on the sublime art of William Blake

In his reaction to this second hallway visitation we can see him turn his huge, radical eyes on conventional religion, where he finds that pasture wanting. The peculiar circumstances of this late revisiting invite examination: in , by now living with Catherine at their South Molton Street address, Blake had been visited by his friend and patron, the astrologically infatuated watercolourist John Varley.

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By the next year, Varley, a frustrated spiritualist who had never seen a spirit, had commissioned Blake to work the sketch into a finished portrait as part of a proposed series titled Visionary Heads. As imagined by the Lambeth angel whisperer, the threatening and somehow smug abomination is theatrical in its demeanour, consciously performing for the viewer.

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Glossed by Blake, the flea is the transposed soul of a murderer trapped in a form that, while both bloodthirsty and powerful, is too small to become a mighty engine of destruction. Thus condemned, it struts its miniature domain and makes a swaggering display of cruelties that it can no longer accomplish.

With nothing save an acorn cap to represent its drinking bowl of blood, with nothing but a thorn to serve as improvised prison yard shiv, this former demon is demoted and no longer dangerous.

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  • In its fallen state, more mischievous than malefic now, the has-been homicidal maniac is almost poignant. Once again, there is the sense of something that once had its own imagined grandeur, its own self-exonerating black magnificence, reduced now to a sordid tabloid narrative of pointless butchery; a banal flea-bite on the wrist of history. The gothic nightmare licks its chops and postures on its narrow platform, in a sour astral miasma.

    Weathered and distressed, the craquelure and mottling only enhance the glimmering murk in which the violent wraith enacts its purgatory, treading the discoloured boards, the sky forever falling. In the hallway of No 13 Hercules Buildings, Blake beheld both austere deities and trampled devils.

    It is to the credit of his generous and blazing soul that heaven was not spared his fierce, critical gaze, nor hell his sympathy. See tate. To order a copy go to guardianbookshop. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.


    “Heaven, Hell, and Here”: Understanding the Impact of Incarceration through a Prison Newspaper

    Topics Art and design books. Reuse this content. Others have depicted a paradise where the deserving are rewarded and an underworld in which the unrighteous are punished.

    The Undisputed Truth - you make your own heaven and hell right here on earth

    These explanations have helped people in all corners of the world to reflect on the direction of their lives, to resist the promptings of their lower nature, and to contemplate the exigencies of a spiritual life. Indeed, such a time is anticipated in many cultures and civilizations. The day is approaching when it will have yielded its noblest fruits, when from it will have sprung forth the loftiest trees, the most enchanting blossoms, the most heavenly blessings.

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