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Click here to refresh the feed. May is back and we're refreshing ourselves with a life-affirming solo conversation! Trigger warning: we discuss suicide throughout this episode so if that is a no-go for you, don't listen and we'll see you next week.

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May tells us about her ups sunshine! We love you and reach out with any questions or tips or thoughts at crazyinbedpodcast gmail. A VERY special episode for many reasons! May and Alyssa are finally back together and 2. Paul hosts the Mental Illness Happy Hour, an amazing podcast and resource for conversations surrounding all kinds of mental illness. We're so grateful for the time he took to chat with us about the magic of support groups, how he's learned to embrace his emotions as a man especially with other men , how we see our parents as emotional role models and how he has learned over the years to love and accept himself.

Truly one for the books! Got something you want to get off your chest? Give us a shout at crazyinbedpodcast gmail.

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We're back with another delightful episode with guest co-host Tiffany Bender! And the stars have aligned for our fantastic guest, Ruby Warrington. Ruby is the author of Material Girl, Mystical World and founder of The Numinous, an online platform where all things new age are translated to our modern or in our case, roller coaster lives. She also describes her own journey from London to New York and some of her most transformative relationships along the way.

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Got some darkness you need a pump-up for? Alyssa and Tiffany chat with super special guest Marya Hornbacher, author of the best-selling eating disorder memoir, Wasted. Marya tells us about her journey since publishing Wasted written when she was just 18! Want to tell us something, anything? Send us an email at crazyinbedpodcast gmail. Maggie makes us laugh SO hard!!! Maggie Widdoes is an amazing stand-up and host of the podcast Dead Meet highly recommend!

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Maggie tells us about the tools she found in exercise, nature, social media dieting and EMDR, a therapy treatment. We also learn that even volleyball players get depressed and that we might all be living in a computer simulation. May is off to an adventure in Los Angeles but fear not!

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Subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen and don't forget to follow us on Instagram crazyinbedpod! This week we're talkin' bodies with incredible plus-size trans model Shay Neary, who drops so much wisdom on us that we will never recover! Shay tells us about her journey in loving herself, finding her identity, and all the lessons she's learned along the way.

Plus an amazing story from her days as a sex worker which coincidentally has nothing to do with sex and a surprise reveal from May about a very Brooklyn-style sex party she attended. We learned so much from Shay and know that you will too! Follow her on Instagram watchshayslay and follow us crazyinbedpod!

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Join us for a life-affirming solo episode! Alyssa explains her intense caffeine dependency and we decide that coffee is exactly like a speed ball. We break down the mental health roller coaster that is going home to the suburbs, how childhood informs your psyche, and how sometimes your body can literally reject toxic friends. Plus, May tells us how she uses walking as a form of free therapy.

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Keep Reading Keep reading by creating a free account or logging in. A Rare Night Indeed is a spooky, scary, fright night poem for A Rare Night Indeed is a spooky, scary, fright night poem for all to read and color. We'll jump and run, have such fun, We may wake the dead from their tombs. Aurora is a clever little witch in this adorable, not scary, Halloween book for young Aurora is a clever little witch in this adorable, not scary, Halloween book for young children.

Aurora's story includes plenty of Halloween characters: friendly vampires, helpful jack-o-lanterns, silly mummies, batty black cats, cute bats and comical ghosts! Spark your creative imagination with these 50 Halloween-themed illustrations that you will be able to Spark your creative imagination with these 50 Halloween-themed illustrations that you will be able to color yourself.

When it is time to sit down and relax with your favorite coloring book for grown-ups, you will want to have this title Just do yourself a favour and try to go in advance to avoid the huge crowds! A wide variety of costumes from superheroes to unicorns can be found on the site, and you can get great bang for your buck. Check out the adorable adult onesies — a great option for the Sevens or just to lounge around in. Delivery may take a while, so make sure you purchase ahead of time. AliExpress , www. Brave the crowds and the tourists for an eclectic and interesting shopping experience.

When it comes to Rugby Sevens costumes, Partyland is a staple. Featured image courtesy of Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash. Cotten on Unsplash , image 4 courtesy of Francois Hurtaud on Unsplash. Sassy Hong Kong is the go-to guide for girls in the city that truly never sleeps.