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Your a queen and you have many supporters around you! Whenever your feeling low, remember there is somebody to talk to! With lots of love and hugs, a fellow supporter! You have done so much for autism awareness since being in the jungle, I know I have learnt more about autism while watching you, thank you for that. Keep on being you! Ciera How fantastic you are. A great effort and appreciated work towards greater acceptance and understanding.

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Much love xx Cat Hawkins. My son is on the autistic spectrum. He is 11 years old and has adhd. One of his obsessions is watching the Chase. He records every episode! Thankyou for being you and for being so honest about being autistic. In our household, we think you are pretty amazing! Hi Anne Well done on all your achievements just entering a new surrounding is a big step let alone dealing with sensory overload in tasks.

I my self have aspergers so understand a little bit of how you must be feeling. Just want to say stay amazing and be super proud of yourself. Cathryn Vallance. You can never have too much autism awareness. Anne thank you for showing what adult women with autism are like.

So often we hear of children but not adults but. You have shown everyone what women with autism can do. And how they can overcome challenges.

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You have been an absolute inspiration. Aimee T. Thomas Ingleton Thank you for showing the world that we think and see different, that our favourites will not be from a here and now but from years ago when firsts were made.

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That being scared isnt a novelty and we generally do try. Just by accepting the offer to do this show has opened new doors for everyone who has any type of doubt that they dont belong. Every great achievement started with an out there crazy idea, we just get them lots. My 8 year old son has autism and can relate to alot of your struggles.

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Out of routine, different lighting, smells and sounds, different fabrics against your skin, different food textures. Yes I can! You should be so proud of yourself. It has been amazing to see the strength and self belief that you have given them. It is amazing for them to see someone being so brave and determined, it helps them believe they can do anything! I have watched you with my autistic 18 year old daughter she has watched you with so much enthusiasm I we realise more than ever we must not give up and we have to keep pushing. I have aspergers and have never found things particularly easy in life.

Always coming across hurdles and other barriers. Seeing someone like yourself going from where things were not so good, to much much better makes me smile!

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Hi Anne, thank you for showing the world that even the strongest Autistic person has times when they feel vulnerable. Being a mum to 2 autistic young men aged 16 and 19 I am grateful to have such a wonderful role model. I have 3 children. My eldest was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 12 He is now 18 , my daughter , who is 11, is currently starting the autism diagnosis process.

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Then there is my crazy 5 year old. Not because they are gross but because it showed my children that no matter what life throws at you you can overcome anything. Thank you for being so open about your Autism. This has helped my daughter embrace her quirkiness as she learns more about herself and her Autism. George Preston Anne, Anne you are an amazing lady , having a son with asbergerges myself i understand how hard its been for you in the jungle all new surroundings,smells, people , food and routines you have done so well, have been voting for you to win , stay strong and hold your head up high lots of love xxx.

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What an inspirational woman you are! Zoe Warren. Dear Anne My 12 year old son Rhys has Aspergers and I am always worrying about how he is excepted in the world and will he ever fit in. What your experience in the jungle has shown me that you can be treated with tolerance and love in the world. You are the bravest person I know not just for taking on the jungle but taking it on as an autistic person proving how determination can win!

As a mother of an ASD son and waiting for assesment of my daughter you have given us hope.

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Hope if you love what your passion is you can do it!! If you want to and make it more then a hobby but a career. You have also done something so much more for me. The more I understand Autism and my son the harder it got to deny the simalaritys. Its ok to embrase it not to deny it and after years of laughing at my family telling me I think your autistic kisha when you describe Tishan and autism your in that mixture to.

If you looking for those answers never be ashamed!!! Thank you anne Nakeisha Eaton Anne you are hugely inspiring and have opened so many eyes to Autism. Such a wonderful advocate. Sarah Smillie Thank you Anne, you truly are an amazing person! You have spread so much awareness about autism. I can only hope my daughter has an a amazing support network and your courage :D Xx Kim You truly are amazing!

Be proud of your self!! Anne you have been an absolute inspiration to watch!! My 12 year old son is currently going through the referral process after seeing him struggling in school due to social aspects and seeing him break down when one thing too much is added to his list of things to remember at school. It was watching you on loose women that actually made me realise he had aspergers and now the GP and teachers have confirmed my suspicions.

e-book Oeuvres du Baron dHolbach (French Edition)

Teachers are being truly supportive and amazing as they now understand, and my son himself is coping better as he knows why he forgets things and why he would prefer be alone a lot of the time. Thankyou Ann for raising issues with autism to help people understand better, my 3 children are autistic and have their struggles, the more people speak out about this,the better. We have to change the system and get more support and training for schools, companies etc, things NEED to change!

I hope you will continue with the fight to help these changes happen. You CAN do it!! I am a 21 year old autistic man and seeing you in the jungle has shown me that if you can do it then anybody with autism can. I feel you really have raised autism awareness and I am voting for you every night.

You have shown that autism is no barrier to anything and in my eyes you have already won. Ann you are amazing. My teenage daughter has autisim the hope, insperation you have given my whole family is huge. My daughter feels she can achieve her dreams because shes not alone.