Littérature comparée et perspectives chinoises (Espaces littéraires) (French Edition)

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It is, therefore, a decolonization of imagination that is at play. In the French imagination it took root in the Sahara Desert. The imagery of desert has always been there since the biblical era witch saw "flowering" ascetics from the Near East deserts to the Port-Royal Desert, passing by exploration and colonization phases, and by its persistent presence from Koufra during World War II until the development of a mercantile imagery nowadays.

Situation du langage dans la critique littéraire au Japon - Persée

A deeper imagery appears after analysing the invariant elements which underlie this imagery and its main themes: adventures and trials, a particular space-time, travel and wandering. The desert appears like a recycling path for our principal myths the lost paradise myth, the myth of the origins, of progress. From this significant place in the cultural and literary spaces various questions emerge in particular the permanence, or even the necessity, of desert in the imagination.

Thus the desert imagery culturally appears to be extremely present but eroded while in the literature it seems to have a field of interior researches which leads to the questions of being in the world and of writing.

These French literary schools are intimately linked with the fate of these poets at the mercy of the fate of their country. No matter how well they are equipped with symbolist or surrealist wings, they cannot escape from the reality of an age penetrated by politics. The historical and cultural background in question has to do with the frame of reference constituted by the six principal groups of writers reputed for their contributions to Franco-Chinese poetic intercourse : "Society of literary studies", "Creation", the school "New Moon", and the school "Modern" in Shanghai during the 20s and the 30s; "Modern School" and "Genesis" in Taiwan during the 50s and the 60s.

They are all involved in politics. It is within this frame of reference that we approach the subject of the reception of symbolism in Shanghai and that of the reception of surrealism in Taiwan on the basis of a textual analysis. This translation paved the way for Saadi to be introduced to other European countries. With the first confrontation with his works French literary scholars found Saadi's works agreeable and attractive.

Different writers according to their tastes and the atmosphere of their period either imitate him or get inspired by him. In classic time some of the writers like La Fontaine take the material of their stories from Gulistan stories.

Publications récentes

In the Enlightenment period the number of writers who have been inspired by Saadi increased. The writers of this period are mostly inspired by Saadis political or moral aspects of his works and they consider him as the critic of rituals and traditions. The philosophers and authors of encyclopaedia think of Saadi as one of them and introduce him as their political anti-church speaker. They use Saadi's name as a weapon in their satiric writing. It was in 19th century that the first translation of Boustan and one of the most outstanding translation of Gulistan enabled the French to taste Saadi's poetry.

The Romantics were attracted by the aesthetics and the sentimental aspects of his works. They found the new themes such as love, nature, and time. The 20 century writers continue to enjoy the concept of love as manifested in the images of 'nightingale and flower' and are fascinated by the mystic features of Boustan. Marguerite Duras et Eileen Chang.

Comparaisons et pistes de lectures intertextuelles by Veronica Amadessi 1 edition published in in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide This dissertation focuses upon francophone Tunisian literature, with particular attention to Abdelwahab Meddeb's novels and poems. The author constantly quotes Arabic and Persian medieval works which enrich his text. Meddeb's works are based on this intertextuality and have for this reason a polyphonic style. The research seeks to show the relation between the authors and to analyse them.

Mais, pis encore, A. Citons aussi le riche article de M. Que nenni! Carnets IX. Un livre important pour les bibliophiles amateurs de curiosa. Comblons ce trou. Passons sur le lapsus Michel Dreyfous pour Maurice Dreyfous. Hugo I. Hugo II. Journal intime. Passez muscade. Je ne vois pas que cela soit remarquable. Il avait un rival en Jean Chalon — savez? La Biographie. Ouvrage sur les fonctions et missions de la B. Sartre, lui, le refusera, en Cendrars I. Cendrars II. Blaise Cendrars, 1. On en sort convaincu.

Place, , p. Cocteau, Balthus, Giacometti. Christopher L.

Vuillard par R. Located km south of the Vietnamese mainland, the Con Dao archipelago is a small yet highly significant site within the cultural imaginary of Vietnam. Historically, the archipelago was widely acknowledged as a strategic site in the middle of the South China Seas. At multiple points, it functioned as a prison including, most notably, under French colonial occupation during which time it became notorious for its harsh treatment of both political and common-law prisoners.

Comptes rendus du n°10

Today the main island of Con Son possesses multiple sites dedicated to the memorialisation of those imprisoned on the island and the brutality of the French colonial prison system is reimagined as a site of political education and struggle. Unlike the larger island of Phu Quoc located on the border with Cambodia, Con Dao does not currently possess the status of a special economic zone. The impact of this increased access is likely to be significant not only in bringing an increased number of visitors to the island but in shifting the type of visitor.

At present the majority of visitors to the island come from the North of Vietnam.

follow url Groups of visitors are often comprised of multiple generations of both genders. With the exception of one or two luxury resorts aimed at international, high-end tourism, the majority of accommodation offered on the island consists of small, family-run guesthouses. Con Dao is also a hotspot for biodiversity conservation in Vietnam Ringer, Most of Con Son island is managed by Con Dao national park, the second largest marine park in the country, with a total area of about 6, ha on land and 14, ha at sea Con Dao National Park, This is home to 1, plant species and mammal species, representing both the endemic forest and marine ecosystems in Vietnam Con Dao National Park, The park is conducting a project to conserve endangered green turtles Chelonia mydas by protecting their 17 laying-egg fields.

Famous for its heritage and biodiversity, Con Dao can be considered as an archipelago of contrasts. Notorious prisons and cemeteries juxtapose with green forests and marine ecosystems. This special section seeks to capture the complex identity of the Con Dao archipelago at a moment when this identity is about to undergo significant transformation. In focusing on a single archipelago, the aim is to foster interdisciplinary approaches to a small and highly contested space. Our intention is to explore the ways in which the archipelago challenges easy binaries often applied to the prison island turned holiday resort.

The specific forms of memorial tourism which exceed a straightforward nationalist agenda render straightforward dichotomies of hell-paradise, prison-resort obsolete in this context. Historically, Con Dao has inspired a range of memoirs including those of former prisoners as well as colonial travel writers. The complexity of the space thus requires further unpacking via a range of disciplinary frameworks which might include but are by no means limited to anthropology, sociology, history, geography, politics, visual and literary cultural studies.

At the same time, articles should consider the significance of engaging critically with the complex space of Con Dao for the wider context of island studies, drawing, where appropriate, on its existing literature and conceptual frameworks.

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