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Machiavelli - The Prince Explained In 3 Minutes

His earlier book When you are sinking become a submarine is a classic. Tells how a principled man can win against an unprincipled man through practical tips and examples. This book is like a prequel. Tells us how an unprincipled mind works, whether at office through politics or as a public figure. It has really made me understand how some of my bosses, colleagues and juniors have played political, unethical games with me and how I could have handled Have doubts regarding this product?

Being established in that position, and having deliberately resolved to make himself prince and to seize by violence, without obligation to others, that which had been conceded to him by assent, he came to an understanding for this purpose with Hamilcar, the Carthaginian, who, with his army, was fighting in Sicily.

Machiavelli's Ethics

One morning he assembled the people and senate of Syracuse, as if he had to discuss with them things relating to the Republic, and at a given signal the soldiers killed all the senators and the richest of the people; these dead, he seized and held the princedom of that city without any civil commotion.

And although he was twice routed by the Carthaginians, and ultimately besieged, yet not only was he able to defend his city, but leaving part of his men for its defence, with the others he attacked Africa, and in a short time raised the siege of Syracuse. The Carthaginians, reduced to extreme necessity, were compelled to come to terms with Agathocles, and, leaving Sicily to him, had to be content with the possession of Africa.

Still, if the courage of Agathocles in entering into and extricating himself from dangers be considered, together with his greatness of mind in enduring overcoming hardships, it cannot be seen why he should be esteemed less than the most notable captain.

Machiavelli - The Prince, Quotes & The Art of War - HISTORY

Nevertheless, his barbarous cruelty and inhumanity with infinite wickednesses do not permit him to be celebrated among the most excellent men. What he achieved cannot be attributed either to fortune or to genius. That is it. Any feedback, or comments welcome.

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