Rihanna 101 Things you may not have known

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10 things you may not have known about The Slow Mo Guys

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Rihanna has the right experience

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Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Then, consider this one tiny lyric towards the end of the chorus. Way more discussion about Love the Way You Lie below when we get to the original version. I mean:.

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The Monster Eminem vs. Eminem is all over the place. But Nothing Is Promised saw Rihanna rap competently for two verses, three hooks and outro. Numba 1 Tide is High Kardinal Offishall vs. Numba 1 is a beautiful case of Rihanna or on another version, Keri Hilson shooting her shot and a dude that looks like. Love the Way You Lie Eminem vs. T his is the reason March Madness is nicotine. Instead I will justtake this space to beg for a full version of Birthday Cake, with or without Chris Brown, on Spotify or iTunes or TIDAL or whatever replaces them all by , because we all deserve it, all day long, accessible in the ways we consume music the most.

More on this when we get to Loveeeeeee Song.

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Rihanna Things you may not have known by John David Thomas White

But the sheer force Birthday Cake hits you with as soon as that school bell rings before the intro is monstrous. Also, we needed a song like this for birthdays. The comparable Jeremih and Katy Perry hits are good but completely different colors. And while yours is just once a year, for And those Thank goodness they have it.

And as for the rest of us,. Drake vs.

6 Tips on Success We Learned From Rihanna, the Ultimate Serial Entrepreneur

For good reason. Take Care Drake vs. Take Care. Selfish Future. As much as Too Good was a casual cry for couples counseling, Riri and Ne-Ne just give us a cuter version. Second big upset already.

And here we have the Pop Dilemma. Riri and Calvivi give us, in fact, exactly what we came for. And the song demands us to let it. For that reason, it serves value beyond how good a song it is — a good one, but not one quite as good as This is What You Came For. Talk That Talk Jay Z vs.

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Raining Men Nicki Minaj. The synths on Talk That Talk should make you fill out whatever waivers you have to sign when you go bungee jumping. Fly Nicki Minaj vs. Still winning. Still fighting. Still conquering. Still thriving. Still surviving. Still prospering.

Still rising. Still fly ing. We Found Love Calvin Harris vs. Umbrella Jay Z vs. If you need convincing that Umbrella would win its first round matchup, there must be two Umbrellas. Work Drake. Hate to see The One get away. But in addition to being just a magnificent recording, Work inspired a bunch of young white YouTubers to try to cover it in an acoustic style, which prompted in response the single greatest day of Twitter since its inception: February 25, , the day of TrapCover.

Live Your Life T. All of that sounds impressive until you realize that also in , T. On the same album. And the best of all those songs was Live Your Life, which really did in real life actually sample the song that was in the Numa Numa video. Here are a few links about each of them that touch on what the two mean to us, who they really are, where those contradict and how that matters. Both of their characters must be more savage and carefree than they could possibly be in real life.

We can work on it harder by listening to Loveeeeeee Song more — and living it to at least the fifth or sixth E. Rockstar Slash vs.

Rihanna Confirms A Reggae Album Is On the Way!

Got up in the club. Posted in the back. Feeling so good. Looking so bad. Right Now David Guetta vs. Numba 1 Tide is High Kardinal Offishall. Right Now , I guess. The song, an epic G-minor guitar jam, follows an i-VI-III-V progression which also happens to be the basis for such other super-dramatic radio smashes as…. This will be hard, because Take Care was one of the best three songs on one of the best rap albums of , one of the best pop rap albums of the last decade and the best album by Drake, ever.