Spiritual Evolution: Twin Souls Connected

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And why not? I guess. It also sounds ordinary, but if that is what floats your boat then who am I to question your source of buoyancy? What if there is more, though? What if there is a part of your soul-fabric here on earth and breathing amongst the living at the same time as you?

Spiritual Evolution: Twin Souls Connected

And what are the chances you would encounter this precious soul during your lifetime? Is it such a far stretch to ponder the extraordinary when life is laced with mysterious phenomena and unforgettable magical moments?

Does the idea fall so far out of your comfort zone that you would rather push away the unknown? And are your precious inner-boundaries so rigid that you cannot shatter their invisible walls to accept that which you do not understand? Sometimes, life will present us with an exquisitely rare connection cloaked in a cryptic puzzle designed to push back against those boundaries you so long to keep erected. Messy, elegant and confronting moments that will inevitably lead to the choice between burying your head in the sand or embracing the uncharted and going with the flow of the current.

Like many of us, I have been on a unique journey since the moment I was born. A soul-searching voyage that has taken me through rough, stormy waters to the crystal-clear lagoons of clarity I have periodically discovered along the way. My quest in seeking the truth is insatiable and endless, and with each revelation I discover, I find myself confronted with more questions. One thing that I do realize is that every moment leading to this day has been a series of fated interventions and marvellous signs that have been orchestrated in divine order for my own personal-growth experiences and revelations.

My interest in souls and soul connections began in earnest back in after I had walked out on a dysfunctional marriage. Since then, I have navigated the days of my life utterly aware of an intelligent, all-encompassing presence that governs the universe and all that exists. That thirst for knowledge and looking beyond my physical senses has brought into my life beautiful revelations and unforgettable connections, and has led to the moment that my path collided with Xavier Eastenbrick; a special kind of man who finds himself on a sacred soul journey like no other — the Twin Flame journey.

I had the pleasure of getting together with Xavier to work with him to bring you a three-part series of blog articles that might surprize or even rattle your sceptical mind, but hopefully also broaden the scope of your thoughts to ponder the extraordinary phenomena that takes place in our beautiful world.

What's A Twin Flame? Use 11/11 To Find Your Spiritual Other Half

Mostly though, it is our intention to bring clarity and offer guidance to those on the PATH and seeking answers. This blog post series is dedicated to all the Twin Flames out there. These words are for love. Hello Xavier! It is such a pleasure to have you here on Undercurrent to talk about your Twin Flame experience. Can you tell us about Twin Flames, what that sacred connection means to you, and why you think there are so many misconceptions surrounding the Twin Flame phenomena? It is a connection that exists between two, and only two people who are energetically connected in soul.

20 Signs That You Are In Connection With Twin Flame Love

They are in fact, mirrors of each other and reflect the divine feminine and masculine energies which exist in each other. Those energies exist in us all, but in Twin Flames they are complementary to one another. That is not to mean they are always the same or always opposite in terms of their personalities or other identifiers of who we are, but merely complementary to each other. It is a soul connection of the highest order and is a matter of identical energetic frequency.

The reasons the discussions around Twin Flames are prone to misconceptions, as well as the unfortunate tendency of those with predatory interests to take advantage of those experiencing a Twin Flame connection, are due to the lack of awareness, misunderstandings and the general mystique surrounding the connection. You see, many of the great stories we can remember — both real and fictional, are actually Twin Flame stories. Only they were never characterized as such. Yet, if people knew the hard truth of it all, they would most probably not want to aspire to engage in the Divine connection.

Just as you cannot close your eyes as a white person and wish yourself to become one of color, you cannot simply will yourself to be a Twin Flame. However difficult the path, if you are a Twin Flame it is important to remember it is worth every obstacle and every ounce of pain because regardless of how corny it might seem to express this fact, it is a journey paved with uplifting moments stretched along a sacred foundation.

Sacred: it is a word we usually use in religious contexts or matters of godly connotations. If you understand the meaning of the word in the highest sense, there is a humility to it. When something is sacred, it does not seek your approval, nor does it aspire to an achievement of status. Unconditional love is loving to love without expectation of anything in return. It is loving without attachment. That is the love Twin Flames share with each other and expand in their connection. It is the love that emanates from their union and expands the universe. Xavier, have you done lost your mind, man?

Ask yourself this not so simple question — What is the purpose of the universe? Is it to expand the blackness of space and turn great spheres of rock into planets and greater spheres of energy into stars? Science will tell you many theories about what and why things happen in the universe and perhaps even show you evidence and empirical data to support it. Here is my perspective: The purpose, point and propagation of the universe is love.

Love, in the highest sense is the self-sustaining perpetual motion energy of the source of creation in the universe. If it makes it easier to understand, love is God and God is love. I am not necessarily talking about God in the sense of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, or any other identity espoused by religion.

But that deepest sense of God in the formless existence of the eternal perfect. I know I just blew up your mind, but re-read it and you will see that it is actually not as complex to understand as it initially appears. Let go of the expected patterns of reality and read with the eyes of your soul. That is the point.

We walk around in the life we live satisfied living beneath invisible blinders and thinking this is all there is.

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Suddenly, we are thrust into the light of truth and awaken to who we truly are. For some, the awakened truth is their identity as a Twin Flame. Being a Twin Flame means you accept a reality that is difficult to comprehend, and that is because it is completely alien to what you have always been taught and accepted to be true. Think about this mind bender; you were born as an individual in the world. However, you might not fit in. The attraction will be enigmatic.

Burning the Boundaries — Soul Connections for Spiritual Evolution

It will not fit into conventional patterns. And it feels so intense. What can it mean? We must have been lovers in a previous life. You, or maybe your new found friend, find a spiritual website and read an article about twin souls and twin flames. Could that be it, possibly from a lifetime in Egypt … or Atlantis … or Lemuria? Co-dependency and the Mysteries of Karma Through the convolutions of the mind, that opening then becomes dependent on the other and infused with monumental fears of loss, rejection and abandonment.

Twinflames & Soul Connections

Result: wretchedness intense co-dependency. The kind of energetic connection that led to this situation may very well be from other lifetimes or forms of existence.

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You could indeed be old friends, but without any other attachment and certainly no need to create one. You might be old enemies, or there might be some form of karmic agreement that needs to be played out to help you come into balance with yourself. Karma is not easy to figure. At that level there are no real enemies. We are simply part of All There Is exploring the realm of consciousness through the extremes of separation and individuation.

But ….