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This memory, along with others, is dragged across the skin of the play repeatedly. A similar picture is mentioned in the play. In it, she looks at the camera, a bloom tucked behind an ear, posies in one hand, the other holding out her flora dress.

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She is, herself, budding, full of potential. Here she is, her position at the back now signifying her importance, her history, her existence. She is impossible to look past. Posted under: Book Reviews.

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Genna Gardini is a poet and playwright based in Cape Town. It is where Orange and his friends live, as well as the humans and many other species. She first appeared as an inanimate object in Meteortron while Meteortron was plummeting to her. Orange had met the Earth in his dream, and she tried to explain the importance of Earth day.

However, Orange, not heeding her warnings, continued to joke around with her. However, Earth had explained that most of her forests are being destroyed by wildfires.

Orange then began taking notice. She explained that if that kept up there wouldn't be many trees left, and he and his friends grew up in trees. Earth's fire was then put out by a Magical Purple Octopus.

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The title of the text is in fact the name of the hamlet near Robertson where Small grew up. The drama tells the story of a coloured man who plants a bomb in a supermarket and is then prosecuted and jailed for this deed of terror. During the trial and in his prison cell he has an ongoing conversation through flashbacks with the past, specifically the key moments that determined his identity and his resistance.

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The climax of the drama is a conversation — a confrontation — in the prison cell in which the detainee, his wife and his father, as well as the Afrikaans warden, participate. This climax revolves around the perception that the captive and warden are separated but also joined by that which determines their respective identities. What is at stake is our language, our church, our land.

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