The Three Commandments of Eating: Part 2 of “Is Your Diet a Riot?”

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I learn from DVD's at a faster rate than through the written media.

Have seen all three DVD's twice to date. Thank you and have a Happy New Year.

This complete program introduces you to hassle-free tips that are: Long overdue , Scientifically developed, Easy on your pocket book and Promises to put Fun back into your life! Discover what the people do to lose weight while eating 3 excellent meals a day. This guide shows you what you CAN eat rather than what you can NOT eat, so this is not a diet per se, as diets are nothing more than something you start and finish.

I have lost over 50 lbs and I feel great. Thank you so very much! A beautiful 12" x 16" custom-laminated four-color both sides placemat ideally suited for your refrigerator door and it's purpose is to show you what to eat with WHAT! I'm looking forward to a long healthy life using your program.

New Hope for Diabetes. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. This makes meal planning fun and gives you some ideas for creating your own exciting, new, delicious recipes. Notice when you don't care for something at your favorite grocery store, you don't boycott the place.

You usually get the things you like and leave the things you don't like.

I feel it's the same with these recipes. There'll be some you will be wild about and some you may not care for. All in all, we suggest for people to eat sensibly and in accordance with your body's digestive chemistry. This is the Science of Food Combining. There are Recipes all properly combined for finest digestion and each has an indication for which one is for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. We have also suggested one in each category that we are sure you'll enjoy. Airline Pilot Name held upon request. Now you can enjoy this very useful tool as part of your nutritional arsenal to help you be the healthiest person on the planet and not the wealthiest person in the grave.

A custom-laminated credit-card size, version of "The Food Combining Guidepost". I'm so excited! Pickering's Personal Plan where you get to consult with Dr. Wayne personally for 1 full hour on the phone to answer some of those questions that have been on your mind for years and set the nutritional side of your life at ease once and for all. It's a seminar over the phone and everyone on there will be from all over the world.

Fred is a believer of yours! I am so proud of him and of your program, which is working for him in a beautiful way. He has lost up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight, he is happy about what he has learned from you and is into implementing everything that you recommend to the letter of the "law"!!

When appropriate, you might want to share with others, my rebellion when Fred first started the new way of life and my frustration in changes such as buying groceries, cooking and eating that was different from the past. After all it is hard for someone in their late sixties to make too many changes!!!!

Your Perfect Diet Mini Program and way of life is working unbelievably well for him and I even adhere to most of it for myself! Fred's Oncology Doctor is amazed at him since he is just doing so well and strong with no side effects! I didn't mean to get into all this, but here it is. We are both so proud that you are successful and keep up the wonderful work. Regards, Peggy Jones -- Oh yes, Fred keeps the 3 laminated placemats on the table all the time! They are very helpful Lisa Hagelthorn Charlotte, NC. At the age of 10 I was told I had an ulcer.

Sheree McMullen St. Peters, PA. If you purchased these Health Guides individually, here's what you would pay:. On your program, the two-year constant sinus and respiratory problems began to clear up in about three months, and is now not a problem! Health is mine once again T.

Droessler, D. Columbus, WI. I would eat and before the sun had set I was bent over in pain and unable to breathe. But now, after being on Dr. Thank you for giving me something to live by, and the ability to not be afraid of tomorrow. Breakthrough simple ideas that will give the nutritional side of your life an extraordinary boost! Okay, so now the moment of truth. The only real question to ask yourself is this:. If you've honestly answered "yes", then please consider this a binding contract with yourself right now.

This could be the decision that changes your life. We promise to do our part, if you'll do yours. In fact, we're so absolutely positive of this — we're willing to give you one of the most daring guarantees you'll see in print. I've been in this life changing business for over 24 years and we seldom ever get a return on our Programs.

Give us a try and if you are not totally satisfied within 1 full year, return the contents for a refund…no questions asked. You don't even need a story to tell us. No hassle, no fine print. Simple and straight-forward as this, either you are thrilled with this program or you get a refund! We are devoted to the goal of having only satisfied customers. So if you were not going to profit from our program then we really would prefer to have it back.

Now let me give you some amazing statistics: We have sold over a million dollars of all our publications and audio learning systems and consulting packages to just about every demographics we can possibly think of. This has happened as a result of our website, speaking engagements, referrals from thousands of very satisfied customers. But people don't only keep their programs as part of their learning libraries, but send us testimonial letters and success reports as well as subscribing to my weekly e-mail letters E-Zines and returned to my seminars time and time again.

After all, why wouldn't anybody make additional investments in our materials if they weren't profiting tremendously from their first investment? Hi Wayne, "Thanks for the Beating Burnout program. Your plan really makes sense.

Since I started eating the proper foods at the right time in the right combinations I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels. I feel sooooooo much better de-stressing and many days I even skip my vitamins without noticing any lack of energy. Maybe I no longer need vitamins.

I feel a whole lot better now and I am so impressed, I even started to lose some weight, about ten pounds so far, in about two weeks.