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We'll punctuate the entire discussion about our move to Disney with a quick Top Ten Reasons other than Disney to move to Disney. This week, I gather members of the WDW Radio Nation who are not only friends, but neighbors, as we share our experiences about moving our families to Walt Disney World. In the first part of our two-part conversation, we will cover topics including making the decision to move, timing, logistics, sequence, location, buying vs. From townhouses to apartments, to single family homes and even a retirement community, this abandoned idea led to the creation of the Disney Institute.

Here, Guests would stay, play, and more importantly, learn from Disney in dozens of areas, including animation, culinary, gardening, photography, televisions, and more. This week, we'll travel aboard my Walt Disney World Wayback Machine to discover how the idea of this Lake Buena Vista Village community became a learning center thanks to Michael Eisner, its courses and programs, why it didn't succeed, and how it became what is now Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort.

WDW Radio - Top Ten Shopping Experiences in Walt Disney World Part of the Walt Disney World vacation experience is bringing something tangible home with us to help memorialize or remember our trip, as well as bringing home gifts for friends and family. We wander through replicas of villages, buildings, shops, streets, and temples, but just how close are the pavilions to the real thing?

Warmth comes from within. Golden Oak unveils its newest resort-style home in Kingswell.

In the past, we have asked and answered this question with detailed looks at the UK on show , and Norway on show Recorded live as we wander through the pavilion, we'll discuss the architecture, culture, symbolism, history and stories, as we virtually tour the piazza, shops, dining options, history, architecture, and much more.

It's a fascinating look into how and where Italian culture, traditions and history are found in the pavilion itself, and the attention to detail that Disney's Imagineers included to provide guests a truly authentic experience.

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Oh, and we may stop to sample an item on the menu… or two. The man who has given Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too! We would gather around a large table and share food, wine, stories, and laughter.


But more recently, the past decade has also given us remarkable events, announcements, acquisitions, expansion, and milestones, not just in the parks and resorts, but in movies, music, and more. From the parks to the resorts, we will look beyond the structures and stories, but also their architectural significance, accuracy, design, and function. We'll examine the different types of entertainment architecture, the engineering marvels, as well as why they resonate with us on a personal, subjective level. WDW Radio - Dan Cockerell Interview The Cockerell name is synonymous with not just leadership, but a legacy of customer service and exceptional guest experience in the Disney Company.

Dan joins me this week to talk about his journey from the Walt Disney World College Program, to Disneyland Paris, leading and learning from Cast Members in Walt Disney World, to using technology to communicate with them on a large, yet intimate scale.

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We not only step back in time to the golden age of air travel in this warm, wonderfully-themed restaurant, but gather around the table to share and savor in traditional Italian cuisine. You may not want to listen hungry. And the journey that began with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk led to a string of blockbuster films that has not only defined the superhero genre, but has raised the bar of large-scale storytelling.

I sat down with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and discussed not just his personal journey from the kid in Jersey who loved the movies, but the the filmmaking process of bringing these comics and characters to life, meaningful storylines, the characters, tone, process, as well as the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a fascinating look at the mindset, challenges, opportunities, motivations, and process. It's more than a conversation just about creating superhero movies, but a personal inspirational journey as well.

We will also look at what we expect from Infinity War spoiler-free , and give you a primer on what we know, what we think we know, the cast, characters, and maybe what we think might be coming to Disney Parks in the not-so-infinite future. Not just that lump in your throat when you see something that gives you all the feels, but our emotions includes a wide variety of feelings such as wonder, joy, and love.

Tom Morrow’s Talking Heads - An Adult Disney Podcast

This week, we'll explore not just the psychology and sociology behind this range of emotions, but the who, what, why, when, and how of these moments, places, people, and experiences in Walt Disney World. Bunsen Honeydew, Beauregard and more! If you would have told seven year-old Lou Mongello that one day he would have the opportunity to interview one of his favorite Muppets, he would have dropped his Muppet puppets on the floor and lost his little mind.

Well, more than four decades later, he did just that, as this week, I am excited to share my conversation with Dave Goelz, the puppeteer and voice actor who worked with Jim Henson and performed as The Great Gonzo, Dr. We talk about his career with the Muppets, life as and with Gonzo, and his new movie, Muppet Guys Talking. Topics include: Quiet places to dine in Walt Disney World, Princess Tiana, Platinum Pass, what happens to the props when an attraction closes, cruise passports, the return of the original Journey Into Imagination, how to find cheap airfare to Orlando, and more! A boy who went from influencing Walt, to a man who managed the monorail in Walt Disney World, and helped open Disneyland Paris.

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His name is Tom Nabbe, and his journey from boy with a dream to Disney Legend is both fascinating and inspiring. Join me on the oh-so-very-comfortable couch as we explore every mouth-watering item on the menu at Nomad Lounge. And a word of warning to you, weary traveler In the past, I've tried to help you save both including my Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World book , and numerous ways to make the most of your time in the parks.

Line For in Walt Disney World. We not only review all there is to see, do, and enjoy, but wander the World Showcase promenade and sample food and drinks from each of the Festival marketplace kitchens in our live review! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This year, more than ever, there is so much happening throughout the parks and resorts that I wanted to help you plan your time to get the most out of the seasons, and not miss some truly delightful, and delicious, experiences.

You might even find a few valuable lessons you can apply to your life and business along the way. WDW Radio - ish Episodes Check out the new look and feel for the intro sequence in the video below. The new network relied a lot on regurgitated material from the anthology series, with segments that could be conveniently sliced and repackaged for s kids. The first program the new channel aired was Good Morning, Mickey! The special aired on May 6, , and Henson passed away 10 days later on May See Also. Pictures: The earliest days of Walt Disney World.

Watch online at MeTV. Ludwig Von Drake is the first Disney character created for television. In , Disney rebooted three anthology classics. Hallmark Hall of Fame is the only primetime series that has run longer. The anthology series was designed to fund the opening of Disneyland. Walt Disney was the first major film producer to see the benefit of producing TV shows.

The first full-length movie Disney aired as part of the anthology series was 'The Parent Trap. There was a short-lived spin-off series. The Disney Channel launched the year the series was supposed to end for good.

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  8. Jim Henson's last Muppets special was on the Disney anthology series. Did you know? Save with. Related Did you know? In May , Disney announced exact dates for the closure of Star Tours at both parks, both earlier than the originally announced October date. On June 11, , at the "What's Next? They also premiered an image showcasing the StarSpeeder flying through Coruscant. On August 12, during Celebration V , Disney showed a preview 'commercial' of what guests may expect to see, including visits to Endor , Bespin , and Alderaan.

    Fitzgerald also mentioned that Captain Rex , the former Star Tours pilot but within the series' timeline, the future pilot , would also make an appearance somewhere on the new version of the attraction. The attraction in Florida began soft openings on May 14, with the official opening at midnight on May 20, At the D23 Expo , it was announced that an desert planet called Jakku from The Force Awakens would be added to the attraction.

    Exterior Endor forest village set in Florida. The exteriors of all four Star Tours attractions are different in their respective parks. The attraction in Florida is inspired by an Ewok village on the forest moon of Endor , whereas the California, Japan, and France versions are modeled after a Tomorrowland -esque space port. According to the opening crawl [29] that preceded the attraction's inaugural opening; after the Dark Times began, Captain Antilles had dispatched C-3PO and R2-D2 , the series' protagonist droids who were placed in the custody of Antilles by order of Bail Organa near the end of Revenge of the Sith , to assist in the inauguration of the spaceline.

    Similar to the functionality of the previous Star Tours attraction, The Adventures Continue places guests in the role of space tourists en route to a predetermined destination. The queue is designed to resemble a spaceport terminal: posters advertise voyages to different planets, and a large LCD screen informs riders of flight statuses, planetary weather forecasts, and advertisements promoting the benefits of booking flights with Star Tours.

    The screen displays information in spoken basic language and Aurebesh.

    Entering the cargo bay, Captain Rex from the original attraction can be found, who in accordance with the timeline has not been used yet, and is therefore being sent back to a factory as defective. He occasionally has a power surge and delivers a line from the original attraction. Two G2 droids interact with guests as they conduct their tasks. The more outspoken droid processing the passengers' luggage on a scanning system reveals the luggages' contents to the guests waiting in the queue. Many references, gags, and in-jokes relating to Star Wars , Disney and Pixar films are made via the contents of this luggage.

    Television monitors show C-3PO, who has been assigned to maintenance on the StarSpeeder that guests are about to board, is inadvertently trapped in the cockpit. Following this, Aly San San presents an instruction video reminiscent of the original to the guests on how to fasten their seat belts and where to place their belongings followed by the Disney Parks daily safety spiel in English and Spanish Japanese and English with Chinese subtitles in Tokyo Disneyland. Once the doors to the Starspeeder open, guests enter one of several ride simulators. The ride sequence is randomized; guests riding Star Tours will experience four out of the eighteen different segments during each journey.

    Jungle Cruise

    This gives Star Tours the advantage of being both highly repeatable and constantly surprising. Even though guests can experience different journeys, the main priority is always delivering a Rebel spy to safety. The Rebel spy is chosen from among the guests onboard and their photo is displayed to the riders.