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Suzanne Degges-White, a professor of counseling and higher education at Northern Illinois University, agrees, saying in a blog post on Psychology Today that using personal idioms is a sign your relationship is solid. Just like we can get to know our partners so well that a simple glance can convey how we're feeling, pet names are another way of appreciating that closeness.

One study from , published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , studied couples to look at the correlation between pet name idioms and relationship satisfaction. The research found that the satisfied husbands and wives reported more idioms than those who were unsatisfied.

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However, the use of pet names declined over time. Couples married less than five years with no children used them the most, while couples in later stages used them the least, suggesting pet names are usually conjured up during the honeymoon period. Bruess, told Scientific American. We name things, we give things symbols, and over time we tend to naturally manipulate those symbols toward a certain outcome. Still, there could also be a more sinister side. Nicknames should be respectful, and if your partner is repeatedly calling you something you've already said you hate, it could be a sign they don't respect you.

There are lots of variations of pet names people use in different countries around the world. In the UK, we tend to use words for animals or food, which also seems to be a general theme around the globe. The French say "Mon Petit Chou" which means my little cabbage, or cream puff. In the Netherlands, people call their girlfriends "Dropje," meaning candy, and the Spanish say "Media Naranja," which means half-orange — the suggestion being that when they're together, they make a whole orange.

In Thailand, a loved one might be called "Chang Noi," or little elephant, and an Arabic pet name is "Ghazal," or gazelle. An Italian boyfriend might call you "Orsacchiotto," meaning little bear, a German may say "Spatz" for sparrow, and a Polish person might call you a little mouse, or "myszka.

Der Artikel wurde versandt. My pet doesn't like to leave the house. My pet loves eating grass. My pet would eat grass if I let it.

My pet doesn't notice. My pet sleeps through them.

Whats Your Name?: Pets With Loving Names Know Love

My pet clings to me. My pet hides. I adopted it. It was a stray. A friend gave it to me.

...But only if your partner actually likes them

I got it from a pet store. My pet probably sits and waits for me. My pet sleeps.

My pet plans world domination. My pet goes to work with me. Harry Potter.

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That's a great idea. I've had one. I have one every year. I do not.

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Sleep study participant. Where's my drink? My pet's snoring wakes me up. My pet bats me on the head. My pet licks me. My pet makes noise. I would love to have one.

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I do have one. I live in an apartment. A stuffed animal.

A bone. A ball. My other pets. I always cook for my pet. We share food sometimes. I should try it. Chasing things. My pet doesn't mind. My pet freaks out. My pet avoids getting in the car. I don't tell my pet until it's too late. All the time. Only when they're scared.