Whos Afraid of the Old Testament God?

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Afraid of pro-abortion activists. Afraid of the government. Afraid of being counter-cultural. Afraid of suffering.

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It is not just the narcissistic, brash, and arrogant celebrities, politicians, and news outlets that have no fear of God. The churchgoers who desperately want the light of Christ hidden under a basket Matthew apparently have no fear of Him either. For much of the American church, the desire to be agreeable has supplanted the call to be holy 1 Peter We have become more fearful of facing off against the enemies of the cross of Christ Philippians than the One who hung on it.

Today hatred is on a roll. The arrogance of those who lie shamelessly and shout vulgarities happily will be addressed by God. But so too will the fearfulness of those who refused to put on the armor of God Ephesians and engage the enemies of the cross of Christ. Search AFA. Who's Afraid of God? Please Note: We moderate all reader comments, usually within 24 hours of posting longer on weekends.

For instance, his best known series is "From Sinai to Golgotha", a five-part sequence published in in the Adventist Review. It discusses a change from a more fear-based picture of God in the Bible at Mt Sinai, to a more grace-based image of God at the cross.

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He also claims Ellen White moved from fear to joy. Thompson's speaking engagements and writings cover many topics, including the Bible , especially the Old Testament , Ellen White studies , inspiration see biblical inspiration , revelation , and Adventist history. These were eventually published in Beyond Common Ground. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Andreasen George Vandeman H. Richards Edward Heppenstall Herbert E. Christianity portal Biography portal. What I had thought was a gap in between pew and academy was actually a chasm. His writing is reliably informed, honest, and accessible. When Martin Luther read the Book of Romans, his discovery of a loving God turned the world upside down. Love like that is powerful and life changing. On what Scriptures did he base his interpretations? None other than the Old Testament, the only Scriptures available at the time. We know he exists but few delight in a relationship with him.

The blood, death, and slaughter found int he Old Testament narratives baffle us. Thompson is a good tour guide for this journey through the Old Testament. This book is a tour de force that will challenge what you thought about the Old Testament and introduces you to a loving savior. For nearly years, Christians have struggled with much of the Old Testament because its portrayal of God seems to contrast so drastically with the gentle, loving, compassionate Jesus of the New Testament.

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  8. Thus we read the first testament selectively, ignoring or misinterpreting the challenging portions in order to make sense of our belief that Scripture in its totality is the Word of God. Thompson helps us out of this quandary by giving us a glimpse into the world of Hebrew scripture as well as into the minds of the recipients and authors.

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    He helps us to see a God who works in context and yet who is at the same time just, loving and kind. One cannot help but not be afraid of the Old Testament God after reading this work. Pedrito U. It is well known that many Christians never or seldom read the Old Testament. Many of the stories remind them too much of values that are the direct opposite of those presented by Jesus in The New Testament. How can one harmonize the avenging God in the Old Testament who bade his followers kill unbelievers, with the words of Jesus who commends everyone to love their enemies?

    How is it possible to construct such opposing statements, and still attribute them to the same God? What greater justification does one need for simply discarding the whole idea of the Christian God and all of Christianity?